About us

When you work with 2G, you work with an expert. That's because we only employ senior people who have worked in London's top agencies and who know exactly what they're doing. With no account handlers to battle through, you get to deal directly with a creative who will understand your objectives without passing through a complicated chain of command. We can work collaboratively with your existing suppliers or help you take on that complex communications project you have been putting off because you don't know where to start.

The right solution for you

2G works media-neutral. We look at a brief and produce the right solutions – in the right medium.

  • No need to provide complex briefs.
  • Your campaign reflected in everything you do.
  • Practical solutions that fit to how your business works.
  • Experience to get it right first time.

How we keep things simple

Why is dealing with agencies so complicated? The people who pitched for your business are always impressive, then you get passed to a junior account handler who does not have the breadth of knowledge to understand your requirements. You are reliant on their translation of a brief to creative people who you never get to meet. And at every stage of the process, you incur additional cost. No wonder using a big London agency is expensive.